Aorus Waterforce X 280 in Abu Dhabi

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312 x 140 x 27mm Dimensions, Aluminum Radiator Material, Copper Block Material, 60 x 60mm Full Color LCD, RGB FUSION 2.0 & AORUS ENGINE Support

The new Aorus Waterforce X 280 in the Abu Dhabi will provide your system with the best performance it deserves.

Efficacious heat dissipation from high-end CPUs is provided by a new, high-performance pump. unique 60x60mm circular full-color LCD, video playback, and custom text support.
Make your screen your own! New enthusiast modes and a unique Chibi Time Mode are available on the LCD display. Additionally, it allows you to play your own MP4, GIF, or JPG files for even more customization. More videos and images may be loaded into RGB Fusion 2.0 thanks to Micro SD cards' increased storage capacity.

Aorus Waterforce X 280 Features

Adding Quiet Filtration and Creative Lighting Effects to the Feature.
The sleeve bearing fan's graphene nano lubricant lowers noise levels and increases fan life by 2.1 times (73,500 hours), making it as long-lasting as a double ball bearing design while being quieter.
  • Unique fan blade design
  • Synchronize lighting pattern
  • Cable arrangement
  • RGB Fusion 2.0 software
  • High performance
  • Air Pressure : 0.37
  • LCD display AIO liquid cooler
  • Support next gen
Enhance the functionality that allows users to import more films and images into RGB Fusion 2.0.

In order to complement the 280mm radiator, AORUS has created the most effective 140mm fan blade design through thorough testing.

The lifespan of the sleeve bearing fan is increased by 2.1x (73,500hrs) thanks to graphene nano lubricant, matching the lifespan of double ball bearing designs while being quieter.
Silent operation is made possible by the 140mm dynamic adjusting fan. The triangular fan edge divides the airflow into two streams, which are then smoothly steered via the fan's 3D stripe curve. This significantly improves airflow compared to conventional fans. To allow users to express their individual style, the Falcon logo and fan blades offer illumination synchronization with peripherals.

Aorus Waterforce X 280 Gallery

Comparing ceramic axes to conventional metal axes, the former had a longer life (376,715 hours).
Design with manual rotation of 330 degrees. Choose the angle that suits you best. Design unique to AORUS port support for Micro SD.

Aorus Waterforce X 280 Specs

Superior features lead to improved convection cooling
The user can connect more AORUS fans to create a cool, consistent lighting system with synchronized lighting patterns.
Radiator & Block Dimensions : 312 x 140 x 27mm
Pump Dimension : 82 x 82 x 74mm
Radiator Material : Aluminum
Block Material : Copper
CPU Socket
Intel 2066, 2011,1366,115x,1200,1700
AMD TR4, AM5, AM4, sTRX4
LCD Display 60 x 60mm Full Color LCD

Spec : 2 x 140mm ARGB Fan
Speed : 800~2500 RPM +/-10%
Bearing type :Sleeve (Graphene Nano Lubricant)
Air Flow : 25.09~89.18 CFM
Air Pressure : 0.37~4.62 mmH20
Life Expectancy : 73,500 Hours
Noise Level : 8.06~44.4 dBA


RGB FUSION 2.0 Support
* For the product to fully function, user must install and run both the AORUS ENGINE and RGB FUSION 2.0 software.

Warranty 3 Years

*Enable Video upload function must to plug Micro SD card.
Support capacity below 32G SD card and support format FAT16/FAT32, not including exFAT. Single file upload maximum capacity is 256M.
*Product not including Micro SD card in box.
*Please note If assemble in AORUS chassis model GB-AC300W and GB-AC300G must use cooler's accessary kit "r"screw to install the radiator.

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Give your PC the functionality it deserves by investing in it and customizing it.

What else should you think about when the perfect CPU cooler you've been searching for finally appears in front of you? Aorus Waterforce X 280 can be bought cheaply and right immediately in the Abu Dhabi.

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Get up-to-date knowledge so you can leave this world behind. Aorus Waterforce X 280 in Abu Dhabi-related FAQs are provided below.
Is Aorus cooler good?
Waterforce X 280 is one of the best AIO coolers you can buy for your high-end gaming rig in 2022.
Is Aorus Indian brand?
Aorus is a registered sub-brand trademark of Gigabyte belonging to Aorus Pte. Ltd., which is a company registered in Singapore.
Who created AORUS?
GIGABYTE delivers a full spectrum of products such as its creator laptop product
What is Aorus graphics engine?
The Aorus Engine software is a lightweight utility designed to be a one-stop-shop to monitor your video card, RGB lighting control as well as overclocking.
How much is the best price of the Aorus Waterforce X 280 in Abu Dhabi?
EMI Starts from /m 12 Months or .

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